Our Services

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Given the fact that we are in this business for more than 5 years, we have managed to develop and improve our services so that our customers are fully satisfied at all times.


The pumps and hydromotors represent the Heart of any “hydraulic circuit”, which is why:


  • Periodic inspections and examinations of the pumps and hydromotors for a proper and effective functioning of the equipment

  • Once it reaches our tech department, the pump or hydromotor is carefully examined by our technicians who will make observations and smoothness tests in order to compile the list of accessories or parts needed for restoration.

  • After the intervention, the pump or hydrometer is taken to the test bench where it is adjusted according to the producer’s conditions

  • After the check-up and test is finished we will issue a test certificate presenting all the data sheet for the pump or hydromotor


  • For all the repairs and maintenance services provided in our department we offer a 6 to 24 months guarantee as long as the equipment is properly exploited.


We provide fast, qualified and professional services either at our headquarters but we can also displace at our customer’s residence in order to accomplish our services.


  • Our teams of technicians are specialized and prepared to provide maintenance and service regarding aluminium extrusion, plastic injection, as well as perform in the agricultural, mining and naval fields of activity. 

  • All our maintenance and repairing services, which may take place either at our own headquarters or at the residence of the beneficiary are guaranteed by Certificates of WARRANTY AND COMPLIANCE, according to European norms and laws in force.


Our company also offers services and maintenance regarding harvesting plants. We have created a special department focusing on servicing harvesting plants for peas, beans, beets, berries, produced by PMC and PLOGER, the world leader in this field of activity.


When it comes to the products we can supply, you can opt for more than 20 brands, either NEW or SECOND-HAND machinery.